What is explorer.land?

The explorer.land platform is an online storytelling tool for the presentation of sustainable forest and landscape projects. It is built around an interactive webmap which integrates high resolution and up-to-date satellite and drone imagery as well as georeferenced posts and multimedia. It allows to communicate the story and the value of landscape projects in an exciting and transparent way and to build trust with stakeholder. Thanks to its project directory and search engine, the explorer.land platform increases the visibility of projects.

Who can use explorer.land?

Every organization in charge of a social and ecological responsible landscape project is welcome to use explorer.land.

Is there a mobile version?

A mobile version of explorer.land is yet not available to the public. In a near future, there will be two mobile versions of the platform. Fist, there will be a full presentation version for visualization on smaller devices. Second, a field app will allow project members to capture images on the ground and publish posts directly to the platform.

Do I need some special skills to use explorer.land?

No, the platform is designed in a way that makes it possible for everyone to setup up a map-based project presentation and manage the respective content. In particular, no GIS (Geographical Information System) or other technical know-how is required to handle the explorer.land.

What are the costs?

The costs vary depending on the size, financial capacity and nature of your organization (e.g. company versus NGO), as well as of the intensity of the platform usage (i.e. number of projects, imagery size, etc.). The price is translated into a monthly usage fee.

In order to established the fees for your organization in particular, please get in touch with us.

How can I signup?

The current version of explorer.land does not allow signup.This will be available in future versions. In order to get your project presented on the platform, please get in contact with us.