Synchronization & Sharing

The makes sure that your content is synchronized with your other social networks. Followers on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram will be able to discover the latest stories and will be invited to explore the many more sides of your project on the Project Explorer platform by providing a respective link. Content they like can again be shared with their friends.

Content branding

Provide branded content for supporting stakeholders, such as donors, sponsors or investors. Exclusive URLs  provide web maps with customized content which can be embedded in existing homepages or used as standalone pages.

For your entire team

Let your entire team take apart in the communication. The Project Explorer provides a powerful user management system. Distribute roles, create groups and invite externals to work with you.


Show the evolution of your project over time. Thanks to an interactive timeline, the visitor will be able to travel through its history, discover the many stories it has to offer and understand the positive impacts on the landscape.