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Mobile Web Version

With the new mobile version of explorer.land you can present your project story on any device: on big screens at conferences and exhibitions, on desktop computers and tablets during a video call, or simply, on your smartphone when you are on-the-go. The only thing you need is a web browser and internet connection.

Sponsoring Module

Financial support by sponsors is essential for many reforestation, agroforest, and conservation projects. With the Sponsoring Module, we have implemented a feature, that enables organizations to transparently show the contribution by each sponsor in terms of the impacted area, the number of planted trees, and financial contribution. For marketing and transparency, sponsors can be listed and receive an exclusive sponsor page.

Mobile Story Mapping App

The Story Mapping App for explorer.land has two applications. First, it can be used for geolocalized story posting. As a registered explorer.land user, you can use the app to create your own geolocated news posts and publish them in your project presentation at explorer.land. Secondly, the app includes a newsreader. After installing and opening the app, you can read and follow all published news and browse the photo galleries. You can also subscribe to the news stream of selected projects.

Embedding of Maps

Embedding of maps will allows seamless integration of the explorer.land map views into the organization websites. Organizations can add beautiful interactive maps directly into their web presence and increase their communication quality with geographical transparency.

Call for Action-Button

Status: Planned release November 2020

The goal of this feature is to integrate custom Call-for-Action buttons that can link to custom web sites.


Whether you are running your fund-raising campaign, you want people to sign up, or simply direct them to your organization’s website. All this requires a prominent call to action button that can be placed at the right location and initiate action.

Map Layer Engine

Status: Planned release December 2020

The current map layer module will be upgraded to a multifunctional Map Layer Engine. There will be 3 essential improvements:


1. Besides Bing and Mapbox base layer maps, we are going to integrate further base layers to increase the availability of high-resolution and cloud free maps.


2. The backend includes a self-service to up-load custom high-resolution raster maps, e. g. drone orthophoto maps.


3. A “before” and “after” feature will allow the overlay and transition between aerial photo maps at different points in time.

Show the evolution of your project over time. Thanks to an interactive timeline, the visitor will be able to travel through the project history, discover the many stories it has to offer and understand the positive impacts on the landscape.

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