Features Maps for transparent communication

Geolocated News Posts

Tell your story in space and time and add geolocated news posts to your project map. Any activity such as the establishment of a nursery or tree planting can be documented with multi-media.

Geo Data Management

Be in control of your data. Import, download, synchronize, and edit all your geodata with an intuitive user backend. Data management takes place on explorer.land.

Draw Locations

Quickly add and change polygon shapes. No need to wait for the GIS experts supporting your geodata management. All authorized users can view and edit your data via the user backend.

Thematic Global Data Layers

Select from a variety of global data layers such as deforestation, forest fragmentation, tree cover, soil carbon, tree biomass density. You decide which data layers will be the default data layers for your project presentation.


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Sustainable Development Goals

Projects can select SDGs and describe how they contribute to the Goals and Targets. With this feature landscape projects have gained another dimension to express and document their impact goals systematically and transparently.


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Besides the restoration of forest ecosystem, many projects produce various forest and non-timber forest products. These goods can be presented in explorer.land. Furthermore, sales advertisements can be activated for each good.

User Dashboard

A dashboard to build and manage your project maps. Clean and structured access to content, modules, settings, reports, and user role management.

Mobile Web Version

With the new mobile version of explorer.land you can present your project story on any device: on big screens at conferences and exhibitions, on desktop computers and tablets during a video call, or simply, on your smartphone when you are on-the-go. The only thing you need is a web browser and internet connection.

Sponsoring Module

Financial support by sponsors is essential for many reforestation, agroforest, and conservation projects. With the Sponsoring Module, we have implemented a feature, that enables organizations to transparently show the contribution by each sponsor in terms of the impacted area, the number of planted trees, and financial contribution. For marketing and transparency, sponsors can be listed and receive an exclusive sponsor page.

Mobile Story Mapping App

The Story Mapping App for explorer.land has two applications. First, it can be used for geolocalized story posting. As a registered explorer.land user, you can use the app to create your own geolocated news posts and publish them in your project presentation at explorer.land. Secondly, the app includes a newsreader. After installing and opening the app, you can read and follow all published news and browse the photo galleries. You can also subscribe to the news stream of selected projects.

Embedding of Maps

Embedding of maps allows seamless integration of the explorer.land map views into the organization’s websites. Organizations can add beautiful interactive maps directly into their web presence and increase their communication quality with geographical transparency.

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